The Key to Success- Insights from Surah Al- Mu’menoon | The Notebook

Everyone wants to be successful. Everyone wants to be great at what they do. We all want to achieve a certain level of success whether as defined by society or our religious views. The reason why this topic is so important and why I wanted to examine it during Ramadan is because I started my first year of university this year, and it has been a great learning curve. I remember the mid-term of my first term and experiencing something close to a crisis because I was in a setting where everyone ha

Ramadhan Preparation: Sacrificing for the Sake of Allah | The Notebook

What is it that is holding you back from connecting with your creator? Ramadhan is fast approaching and it is important that we plan for a successful month. The blessed month is all about sacrifice of halal things such as food, drink and sleep for the pleasure of Allah SWT. But what about the things that our hearts have become attached to that prevent us from worshipping Allah SWT to the best of our ability? It is possible to spend 18 hours fasting and still feel spiritually empty because the

Audible Reflections Episode 7: The Two R’s: Responsibility and Repentance | The Notebook

In this episode of Audible Reflections, Mahmoudat reflects upon a story about repentance from the life of Prophet Musa AS. “This is a story that perfectly captures the impact that our sins can have on the Ummah as well as the importance of repenting and turning back to Allah. It’s important that for us as Muslims never to lose hope in the mercy of Allah.” This podcast will definitely help you to ponder on the importance of repentance and self accountability and the benefit of always taking res

Social Media Footprints Lasts for Eternity… Are You Watching Your Footprints? | Amaliah

The world of social media can be unforgiving, it’s a ‘dog eat dog world’, and no one is exempt from the criticism or bullying that often comes with it, regardless of whether the blogger/ YouTuber is Muslim or not. And in most instances, trolling behavior and attacks tend to be gendered. It is also disappointing to see that the barrage of hate that Muslim female YouTubers/ Influencers  (who I now describe as ‘easy targets’) experience comes from both men and women. It is also disappointing to s

Empty Deeds – the Importance of Sincere Intentions | Amaliah

Imagine spending a month on a piece of coursework you wanted to get a distinction in only to get zero. Picture the pain and the anguish over the loss of hard work, time and sleepless nights spent over it. The loss described here is similar to doing good deeds without the right intention. The difference between people that will have a heavy scale on the day of judgment and people that will come up empty will be based on the sincerity and intention of their deeds. The importance of sincere intenti

Is Allah a Priority in Your Life? | Amaliah

As we finish Ramadan it’s important that we start to reflect on the state of our relationship with Allah and what our priorities will be going forward.  One of the benefits of the thirty days fast is that it helps to reshape our focus and priorities. As we go about our day to day lives, hunger and thirst is a constant reminder of our dependency on Allah. Ramadan is a month where we become more acutely aware of our relationship with Allah and how we can improve it.  But what becomes of that rela

Do You Know Allah? | Amaliah

Do you know Allah? Think about it, how do you develop a meaningful relationship with someone that you don’t know? Love develops the more time you spend with someone and get to know them. Think about why Allah mentions several of his attributes in the Qur’an. Why does he ask you to spend time with the Qur’an? To reflect on his book? Sometimes we can feel distant to Allah because we are not conscious of the manifestation of his attributes in our life. Every day that you wake up and you breathe

Feeding Your Soul after Ramadan | Amaliah

Ramadan is a training programme for us to attain God-consciousness. During the month, we starve our body to feed our soul. We become more aware of our actions, what we say and how we spend our time.  We increase in things that fulfil and nourish our soul such as reading the Qur’an and performing extra prayers. As we finish the blessed month, it’s imperative that we have an action plan that prevents us from reverting back to our behaviour pre-Ramadan and helps us to continue feeding our soul. Adm

Black Women at Work in the Age of Social Media | Amaliah

The misogynoir that black women face in society and particularly at work is nothing new. Misogynoir is a term that uniquely captures the misogyny directed towards black women where race and gender both play roles in the bias experienced. It is unfortunate that over the past few months there have been several public incidences that illustrate the particular discrimination and prejudice that black women have to combat in the workplace. And social media has played an important role in this conversa

A Letter to a Weary Heart – Dealing with Ramadan Slump | Amaliah

To the weary heart that is starting to tire as we enter the second half of Ramadan, maybe you didn’t quite prepare for Ramadan as you wanted to, hoping the month would bring about its revival for a heart you perceive to be sick, To the weary heart that so far Ramadan has simply a month of emotional flatlining, you desperately want to tap into the spiritual high that everyone around you is experiencing but to no avail, O weary heart, now is the time that your nafs will start to whisper in your

Be like Instagram: The Need for Self Improvement | Amaliah

Instagram might not be getting it right with their algorithms, but their updates over the past year have been hitting the right notes. The platform which unashamedly rips off the best features of its competitors now has features such as stories and face filters similar to Snapchat and its latest archive update is like Pinterest’s curation boards. It’s fair to say Instagram is currently providing a masterclass in improvement and staying ahead of the game. What does Instagram have to do with you

3. Lord I Thank You

What is your morning like? An intentional and focused morning is important to me for setting the tone for the day. Over the past few months I’ve been working on getting my mojo back in regards to my morning routine. Hence the focus of this post is about two exercises that I do in the morning titled ‘Today I choose’ and ‘Lord I thank you’ which help me to start the day consciously and positively. So how did the exercises come about? I hate going through days mindlessly. And a couple of months a

1. How Are You Feeling?

I remember stopping in my tracks when I heard the question with a perplexed facial expression that probably read, ‘was that directed to me?’. I was confused. Here was the Head of the Freshers events, an important annual event asking me how I was feeling. In the moment the first thought that came to my mind was “Oooh this is interesting, why are you asking me how I’m feeling? Surely I should be asking you because I’m not the priority right now.” (Alhamdulilah I am the President of an amazing soci